Competitive Value- Equity Long only

  • Strategy designed to only trade large cap good governance caps.
  • Consistently updated ¬†fundamental filter overseeing all trading activity
  • Entries generated by our proprietary algorithm.
  • Holds largest weight age in our strategy mix and generating

Cruise- Equity Midcap

  • Mid caps based purely trend following ¬†systematic trading ¬†
  • A momentum tracking long only system
  • Strong layer of fundamentals oversee all trade entries
  • Risk parameters and rules to contain volatility of system

Index Intelligent- Index Derivatives

  • Absolutely system driven trades based entirely on index derivatives.
  • System combines various technical factors in the market to predict large moves in the Index
  • Controlled amount of leverage employed with a focus on minimizing the system drawdown.

Bulls Eye- Stock Derivatives

  • System driven trade spotting based on stock derivatives.
  • Stocks shortlisted and traded during a finite interval based on price volume and historical data. Traded based on probability of return