Flameback Integrated System for Trading

Our operations pivot around the Flameback Integrated System for Trading (FIST), an in-house software enabling full automation of investment strategies, from trade detection to client reporting.

FIST provides a framework for algorithmic trading, facilitating easy-to-read algorithmic specifications.
These can be backtested with historical data, paper traded on live markets, or implemented with capital. To ensure consistency, a single algorithm instance is used across all modes.

Additionally, FIST generates vital statistics and reports for ongoing algorithm development, monitoring, and tracking post-market deployment.

Overview of our FIST system

Data Storage
Data Storage

Real-time Market Quotes

Historical Price Data

Financials and Fundamentals

Instruments Data

Trade Detection
Trade Detection

Technical Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Composite Strategies


Historical Simulations

Live Paper Trade

Live Market Trade

Relay Trade Signals To External Entities



Risk Management Engine

Client Approval Flows

Monitor And Report
Monitor And Report

Track Order Fills

Handle Atypical Market


Flameback MIS

Client Console

Alerts and Notifications

Investor Level Reports