Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum investment is as low as Rs.5000

Yes, we are a SEBI registered investment advisor with Registration Number INA200013798

Right now, Flameback Capital supports Zerodha Broker.

Yes NRI can invest with Flameback. We aim to make investing easy for everyone.

We charge a small upfront fee of Rs. 500 + GST and 0.9% of the average daily portfolio value over the calendar year payable annually, quarterly, or monthly. Learn more

To start investing with Flameback, you will need to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This involves providing your name, email, mobile number, date of birth, PAN (Permanent Account Number), address, and other required information as per SEBI regulations to ensure compliance with investor protection measures.

We have a wide range of time-tested investment strategies based on investment amount, asset classes, markets and risk profile.

While it’s not necessary, it is recommended to have a different zerodha account for easier tracking of open positions of Flameback. We also provide the portfolio summary for the investors on the Flameback’s Web App.

We shall integrate your existing Zerodha account with Flameback for automated trade

At Flameback we customize investment portfolios incorporating top-performing algorithmic strategies that align your objectives, constraints, and preferences.

To cancel the subscription write to us on and we shall assit you.

You can reach us on +918023321099/+919845020921 and

A benchmark index is a standard against which the performance of a security, investment strategy, or investment manager can be measured. Eg. Flameback Gold Aggressive strategy has asset allocation of 80% Equity and 20% Debt. The benchmark for Equity is Nifty 500 and Debt is Liquid Funds. Thus, the benchmark performance is calculated with 80% weightage of Nifty 100 and 20% weightage of Liquid Fund.

Disclosure: For calculation of Sharpe Ratio for our strategies we consider Risk Free Rate as 7%

Systematic investing strategies follow a rule-based decision making and minimizes the impact of human emotions and biases, resulting in more consistent and objective decision-making.

Algorithmic Trading is the process of using pre-defined rules and mathematical models to make trading decisions.