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Our commitment is to offer algorithm-based investment portfolios customized based on our client’s unique needs. If you’re passionate about the fusion of technology and finance and aspire to make a tangible impact, we’d love for you to join our journey.

Why you should Join Flameback Capital?

  1. Innovative and Interesting work: Our field of work is fascinating for the ones interested in technology, financial markets, algorithm trading, and building an investment advisory business.
  2. Collaborative Environment: As a small team, the entire team works together to grow the company and solve issues as they come up.
  3. Continuous Learning: We are constantly researching and developing new strategies or technological solutions for our clients and internal purposes.
  4. Competitive Compensation: Enjoy a rewarding package that reflects your expertise and contributions. 
  5. Flexible Work Options: Work from our office or from home, based on your preference.
  6. Empowerment through Responsibility: We trust our team members with significant responsibilities from the outset, fostering a culture of ownership and initiative.
  7. Pioneering Mini-Projects: Flex your creative muscles and lead mini-projects. It’s an opportunity to experiment, innovate, and contribute directly to our mission.

Recruitment Process

  1. Introductory Call/Meeting: A friendly chat to introduce ourselves and understand your aspirations.
  2. Demonstration/Assignment Phase: Showcase a relevant project or take up an assignment from us. This stage helps us appreciate your skills and enthusiasm.
  3. Presentation & Evaluation: Present your project or assignment findings for evaluation.
  4. Final Interview & Offer: Delve deeper into specifics, culminating in potential offers for suitable candidates.

Who We Are Looking For

We believe in the power of diverse talents converging to shape the future of investment advisory. We are keen on collaborating with individuals who possess expertise, curiosity, and innovation in the following areas:

Statistics & Data Analysis Researchers:

Be at the forefront of merging quantitative methods with investment intuition. Your role will centre on detecting investment patterns and building sophisticated statistical models by tapping into various data sources, including company fundamentals, real-time market data, and more. It’s about converting raw information into actionable strategies. 

Once a strategy is conceptualized, test its resilience using various simulation methods such as historical back-testing, paper trading, Monte Carlo simulations and scenario analysis. But the journey doesn’t end there; monitor live strategies vigilantly, analyzing their performance based on risk/reward metrics and other pivotal parameters. This role beckons if you’re passionate about translating numbers into actionable investment decisions.

Investment Analysts:

Dive into the dynamic world of global finance, spanning diverse markets and asset classes. Your core mission will involve identifying lucrative investment opportunities by detecting patterns that yield repeatable returns.

Utilize both primary and secondary research methodologies to extract insights and foundational knowledge.

Rigorously test out hypotheses and then transition those insights into real-world deployment strategies, ensuring our portfolios remain robust and innovative.

Software Programmers:

Primary responsibility will revolve around converting intricate investment algorithms into precise code, leading to their integration into “black boxes” for automated trading. This encompasses tasks like seamlessly incorporating market and company fundamental data, codifying and refining investment strategies, automating order placements through broker APIs, and ensuring vigilant monitoring of these connections for flawless execution.

Beyond our strategies, you can also develop intuitive software solutions for our clients and internal team. Clients will rely on your work to painlessly onboard, authorize trades, view reports, and manage accounts. While our team will benefit from tools that track client activities, system uptimes, and manage alerts. 

All these whiles continuously iterating for improved user experience and bolstering our digital fortifications against cybersecurity threats. 

Marketing Specialist:

Embark on a journey with us where every campaign tells a story. Drive our brand presence through innovative marketing campaigns, manage our social media pulse, and collaborate on compelling marketing materials. Oversee both digital and traditional ad campaigns, ensuring that our message not only reaches but resonates.

Client Relationship Manager:

Become the bridge between our services and our clients. For prospective clients, seamlessly introduce our business, assist in their onboarding, and answer queries. For existing clients, proactively manage their portfolios, conduct periodic reviews, and annually reassess their profiles. Also, play a vital role in enhancing client relations through events, gifts, and top-tier support, ensuring our clients always feel valued and understood.

Back Office Administrators:

Play a pivotal role in the seamless operation of our business. Engage in administrative tasks and ensure we stay compliant with industry standards and regulations, thus safeguarding our reputation and ensuring we deliver unrivalled services to our clients.

Need Help finding a Role That Fits?

Don’t be deterred if you can’t spot a role aligning with your expertise. We’re always eager to meet passionate individuals with unique skills. 

Email us at the address mentioned below, and let’s discuss how you can fit into our growing team.

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