Diamond Aggressive

Diversified portfolio of our broadest range of strategies to maximize returns for an aggressive investor
Risk Level: High
Min Investment: ₹50 Lakhs
30 Days Return
30 Days Return:


90 Days Return
90 Days Return:


365 Day Return
365 Day Return:


Annualised Returns
Annualised Returns:


Strategy Specifications

Strategy Inception Date Jan. 1, 2016
Min Investment ₹50 Lakhs
Strategy Type Diversified Portfolio
Asset Classes Equity Debt Gold
Universes Large Caps Money Market Multi Caps Small Caps
Investment Styles Factor Investing Rotation Multi-Asset Momentum Multi-Strategy
Instruments ETFs Equity Debt Gold
Rebalancing Frequency Monthly
Volatility High

Strategy Description

This portfolio consists of a broad range of strategies across diverse asset classes, investment universes, and investment styles. These strategies aim to deliver more stable returns through varying market conditions and, ultimately, significantly outperform the market. We deploy both time-tested and innovative strategies in our approach. This portfolio is designed for an investor seeking substantial capital growth and who is not deterred by short-term volatility

Asset Allocation

Strategy Selection

Category Weight
Debt Allocation 20.00%
Large Cap Momentum 16.00%
Multi Cap Momentum 16.00%
MNC Momentum 16.00%
Cruise Momentum 16.00%
Financial Momentum 8.00%
Healthcare Momentum 8.00%
Diamond Aggressive FBC Generic Blended Aggressive Benchmark
30-day returns 5.87% 4.30%
90-day returns 22.82% 10.03%
YTD returns 29.18% 12.49%
1-year returns 66.41% 30.78%
Returns since inception 538.97% 191.71%
Annualised returns 24.48% 13.47%
Best year returns 53.95% -
Worst year returns -15.04% -
Sharpe ratio 1.1 0.47
Max drawdown percent -28.49% -30.42%


Historical simulations or live model portfolio performance is provided for informational purposes only to indicate historical performance had Flameback Strategies been available to investors.