Gold Moderate Aggressive

Our top two equity strategies are designed to provide an investment edge, aiming for superior performance while ensuring volatility remains moderated
Risk Level: Moderately High
Min Investment: ₹10 Lakhs
30 Days Return
30 Days Return:


90 Days Return
90 Days Return:


365 Day Return
365 Day Return:


Since Inception
Since Inception:


Strategy Specifications

Inception Date Jan. 1, 2016
Min Investment ₹10 Lakhs
Strategy Type Diversified Portfolio
Asset Classes Equity ETFs
Universes Large Caps Money Market Multi Caps
Investment Styles Multi-Asset Multi-Strategy
Instruments Equity Debt
Rebalancing Frequency Monthly
Volatility Moderately High

Strategy Description

The classic 60/40 portfolio applies two of our selectively chosen strategies to the equity allocation, aiming to provide both performance and balance. This portfolio design aspires to deliver higher returns while effectively reducing volatility.

Asset Allocation





Strategy Selection

Category Weight
Debt Allocation 40.00%
Fera Momentum 30.00%
Cruise Momentum 30.00%
Gold Moderate Aggressive Generic Moderate Aggressive Benchmark
30-day returns 5.77% 0.38%
90-day returns 6.37% 0.38%
YTD returns 23.77% 0.38%
1-year returns 31.72% 0.38%
3-year returns 138.95% 0.38%
Returns since inception 285.05% 0.38%
Annualised returns 5.04% 293.02%
Best year returns 45.65% 0.38%
Worst year returns -2.48% 0.38%
Sharpe ratio 0.87 -
Max drawdown percent -14.08% -0.37%


Historical simulations or live model portfolio performance is provided for informational purposes only to indicate historical performance had Flameback Strategies been available to investors.