Platinum Moderate Aggressive

A classic 60/40 portfolio, with the equity portion consisting of our top-performing strategies to aim for high returns with moderated volatility
Risk Level: Moderately High
Min Investment: ₹25 Lakhs
30 Days Return
30 Days Return:


90 Days Return
90 Days Return:


365 Day Return
365 Day Return:


Annualised Returns
Annualised Returns:


Strategy Specifications

Strategy Inception Date Jan. 1, 2016
Min Investment ₹25 Lakhs
Strategy Type Diversified Portfolio
Asset Classes Equity Debt
Universes Large Caps Money Market Multi Caps Small Caps Sovereign debt
Investment Styles Multi-Asset Momentum Multi-Strategy Factor Investing Rotation
Instruments ETFs Equity Debt
Rebalancing Frequency Monthly
Volatility Moderately High

Strategy Description

This portfolio combines our top equity strategies, boasting a strong track record, with a 40% allocation to debt. This balance is designed to mitigate volatility while still striving for above-average returns

Asset Allocation

Strategy Selection

Category Weight
Debt Allocation 40.00%
Large Cap Momentum 18.00%
MNC Momentum 15.00%
Cruise Momentum 15.00%
Financial Momentum 6.00%
Healthcare Momentum 6.00%
Platinum Moderate Aggressive FBC Generic Blended Moderate Aggressive Benchmark
30-day returns 3.79% 3.43%
90-day returns 16.43% 8.05%
YTD returns 23.31% 10.32%
1-year returns 49.52% 24.90%
Returns since inception 336.19% 155.40%
Annualised returns 18.99% 11.70%
Best year returns 38.51% -
Worst year returns -10.49% -
Sharpe ratio 1.1 0.46
Max drawdown percent -17.62% -22.76%


Historical simulations or live model portfolio performance is provided for informational purposes only to indicate historical performance had Flameback Strategies been available to investors.